Born in Quebec City, Canada, and based in Berlin, Germany, Kenji Ouellet is a classical pianist (MA Music performance, C.U.N.Y.), graduated in Digital Art at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna in 2006 and in Experimental Media Design (Film) at the University of the Arts in Berlin in 2007, where he became “Meisterschüler” in 2009.


His work consists mostly of video works and performances/choreographies centered on the touch sense. He was the recipient of, among others, the Bremen Video Art Award and the Cast & Cut Stipendium.



-Video works (selection):


Lektion 13

1st prize, Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival 2006, Grand Prix, Kansk international Video Festival 2006 (Russia), 2nd Prize, Alucine Festival (Toronto), 3d prize, Videologia Festival (Volgograd). Special mentions at the Cologne Art Film Biennial 2005, the Strange Screen Festival 2006 in Thessaloniki, Greece and the Partouche Experimental Film Award (Le Havre Biennial, France).


Other screenings: Videoex Festival 2006 (Zürich), European Media Art Festival 2007 (Osnabrück), L’Etrange Film Festival 2006 (Paris), FLEX experimental film festival (Florida), KW (Kunst-Werke, Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin), Art Fair Athena (Athens).


On Vienna, Love, Language and Forgetting

“Special Achievement Award” at the Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade (2008). Shown at the Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid 2007, Strange Screen Festival 2008 (Thessaloniki), Nottingham Playhouse (U.K.).


Montres Louis Maurcie

1st prize of the (non) commercial Award of the Backup Festival 2008 (Weimar). B16 (Brno), Budapest Shorts Festival.


Self cinema No 1

Honorary Award at the Montijo International Biennial 2008 (Portugal), Celeste Kunstpreis finalist 2008 (Berlin). Other showings: Eject 2 (Mexico City), Verbum Museum (Vigo, Spain), Escrita na Paisagem Festival (Evora, Portugal), Exist-ence Festival (Brisbane, Australia), Videoholica (Varna, Bulgaria), Instants Video (Marseille), Pixelpops (Paris), Cartografias Corporales (Mexico City).


Touchscape (Multichannel video installation/split-screen film, 2011)

Façade Festival 2011 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), Sarajevo Winter festival 2013 (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Museo de las Mujeres, 2013 (Cordoba, Argentina)


I am One

Exhibitions: "Collective", Haus am Kleistpark Gallery (Berlin), Weserburg Museum of Modern Art (Bremen) 2017, The Bargehouse (London), Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition shortlist, York Art Gallery (UK), Marl Media Art Awards, (Skuplturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany), "Back Forward Rewind" online anniversary exhibition 2021, "Die Stadt ist anderswo: Revision eines Traums" Museum Unter Tage (Bochum, Germany 2023-24).



Weserburg Museum of Modern Art (Bremen) 2017, Städtische Galerie Bremen "screen spirit" 2019, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts «100 ways to live a minute» series 2020, Cinemistica (Granada, Spain) 2022.


In Dog Years I'm Dead

1st prize, Bremer Videokunstförderpreis (Weserburg Museum, Bremen 2017), Best Experimental Film (Inca Int. Film Festival, Lima 2019), Winner (Medium- Independent) On Art Film Festival (Warsaw 2019), Arte Laguna shorlist exhibition 2020 (Arsenale, Venice), Art Nova 100 group exhibition 2021 (Guardian Art Center, Beijing).



Best Original Screenplay/ Best Director/ Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film (Romina Küper), North Europe Int. Film Festival (London) 2022. Bronze Winner Best short film, Tokyo Film Awards 2022. Best Screenplay, Cinalfama Int. Film Festival (Lisbon) 2022. L'Etrange Festival 2022 (Paris), Aesthetica SFF 2022 (York, UK), Split IFF 2022 (Croatia), Innuendo IFF 2023(Milan), Filmfest Bremen, Nomination for the "Angry Imp" for challenging film, Indie-Lincs IFF (Lincoln, UK), Best Thriller Award (Future of Film Awards 2023, Ohrid (North Macedonia), Best Experimental Short, Vilnius Alternative Int. Film Festival (LTU) 2023, Platinum Award Best Psychological Thriller Int. Fortean Film Festival 2023 (Gloucester, UK), Best Director Yerevan Short Film Festival 2023 (Armenia).



-Performance/choreographic work (selection):


Butchers have short fingers

(Performance/interactive smell installation for 1 performer, 10 computers, a piano, rotten meat and a locked up audience, PSHHG Vienna 2004)


Pièce touchée No 1, performance only for the touch sense

(E4 2006 (Berlin), Crossbreeds Festival 2007 (Vienna), Tanztendenzen Festival 2007 (Greifswald, Germany), “Intrude366” Performance Series, Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), Arena Festival 2008 (Erlangen, Germany), Experimental Theater Festival 2008 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Biesdorf Castle (Berlin 2009), GrenzArt Festival (Kirschau, Germany 2010).


Body/Sign Lab, Performance/theater lab

Arena festival 2009 (Erlangen, Germany).


Takt/il (translation of sound/music in touch)

Frisch eingetroffen Festival. 2010 (Mannheim, Germany)


Pièce touchée No 2 (Performance centered on the touch sense)

Perfect Wedding Festival, Tanzfabrik Berlin 2010. 3d Prize Choregie competition 2011 Maribor (Slovenia). Mois Multi 2012 (Quebec City), Crossbreeds Festival 2012 (Vienna), Habeas Corpus Festival (Cordoba, Argentina), Moving Sounds Festival (Austrian Cultural Forum, New York City).

(Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts)


Klangkörper (Performance with a touch- and quadraphonic sound choreography) Klangmanifeste festival, (Vienna, December 2011), Mois Multi festival 2012 (Quebec City), Rhubarb Festival 2012 (Toronto).


Visualisaciones (exhibition of the visual impressions of touch performances)

Ciuduad de las Artes/Museo de la Mujeres 2013 (Cordoba, Argentina)


Le Sacre du Printemps: a haptic rite

Sacre 100, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) 2013, Tanznacht Berlin 2014, Teatro a Corte Festival 2015 (Turin), Theater Freiburg 2015, Tanz Bremen 2017

(Produced by HAU and the German Federal Cultural Foundation)



-Video/sound concepts for contemporary dance choreographies (selection):


Approach and Retreat (K.Weare, USA)

Premiere: Summer Fest Dance Festival 2001, Cowell Theater San Francisco.


Frictious (M. Maar, A)

Premiere: TanzQuartier Vienna 2002, remixed version Tanzfabrik Berlin and Dixon Place New York 2005.


Fliessend (K. Weare, M.Maar)

Premiere: Kosmos Theater Vienna, Tanzpool festival 2003.


Archiv (K. Roschangar, A) Premiere: DieTheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna 2004.



March 14-31, 2024

Clermont-Ferrand (FR)



February 16- April 21, 2024

York Art Gallery, York (UK)

Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition


November 17-25, 2023

Lublin (PL)

Lublin Film Festival 


November 14-19, 2023

Poznan (PL)

Short Waves Festival


November 8-12, 2023

York (UK)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 


November 1-5, 2023

Berlin (DE)

Zeichen der Nacht Int. Festival 


October 27, 2023- April 21, 2024

Museum unter Tage Bochum (DE)

Die Stadt ist anderswo (group exhibition)


October 26-31, 2023

Namur (BE)

7ème Aaargh Film Festival


October 20-24, 2023 

Yerevan (ARM)

Yerevan Int. Short Film Festival


October 17-22, 2023

Halle (DE)

Monstrale Festival


October 12-14, 2023

Novi Sad (RS)



October 10, 2023

Munich (DE)



September-26 - October 1, 2023

Baku (AZE)

Dokubaku Int. Documentary Film Fest.


September 14-23, 2023

Vienna (A)

Reaktor Int. Film Festival


September 8-10, 2023

Kanazawa (JP)

Kanazawa Film Festival


August 15-20, 2023

Boulder (US)

Mimesis Documentary Festival


April 10-16, 2023

Athens (OH/US)

Athens International Film and Video Festival


February 23-25, 2023

Lincoln (UK)

Indie-Lincs Int. Film Festival


February 15-19, 2023

Milan (IT)

Innuendo Int. Film Festival


November 10-27, 2022

Granada (ES)



November 8, 2022


Cinalfama Int. Film Festival


November 1-6, 2022

York (UK)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival


October 14-16, 2022

Lund (SE)

Lund Architecture Film Festival


October 5, 2022


Tokyo Film Awards


September 6-18, 2022


L'Etrange Festival


September 1-9, 2022

Split (HR)

Split Film Festival


August 5-13, 2022

Prizren (Kosovo)



April 20-24, 2022


Filmfest Bremen


March 19+22, 2022


Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg


October 26, 2021

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

October 27, 2021

Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow)

Shnit Film Festival


October 2 - November 21, 2021

Arsenale Nord (Venice)

Arte Laguna Prize exhibition

(postponed from March 2020)


June 11, 2021 - August 15, 2021

Haus am Kleistpark (Berlin)

Deceleration (group exhibition)


March 7 - April 4, 2021

Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen)

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition


December 18, 2020 - January 10, 2020

Back Forward Rewind

(online anniversary exhibition)


August 22, 2020 7pm Moscow time

Pushkin State Museum / WWW

Broadcast of 3 of my video works

100 ways to live a minute

(Duration: 24 hours)


Kinofilm Festival Manchester 2020 postponed to May 10-16, 2021


November 13-18, 2019

Wilmington (N.C.)

Cucalorus Film Festival


October 11, 2019


Festival C'est trop court


September 28-29, 2019


Thessaloniki Cinedance International


September 19, 2019


Filmfest Bremen


September 4-8, 2019


Bucharest Int. Dance Film Festival


May 25 - July 18, 2019

Städische Galerie Bremen

screen_spirit continued


July 8-Sept. 4, 2019


On Art Film Festival


July 24-28, 2019


Glmli Film Festival


June 28, 2019


20th Shorts Int. Film Festival

June 22, 2019


17th Signs of the Night Festival 


May 9-16, 2019


Philosophical Film Festival


October 14, 2018 - February 3, 2019

Marl Media Art Awards Exhibition skulpturenmuseum-glaskasten-marl


July-December 2018


Cast and Cut residency


December 12-16, 2018


Alternative Film/Video


November 27-30, 2018


Inshadow Festival


October 20-27, 2018


International Architecture and

Urban Films Festival


May 18 - September 30, 2018

York Art Gallery (UK)

Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition