Introductory notes:


Pièce touchées is an ongoing performance series revolving around the touch sense.


Beginning with completely non visual and purely haptic choreography, (Pièce touchée No 1, 2006), the series evolved to explore and focus more and more on crossmodal sensory interactions, becoming increasingly multi-sensorial in design, and combining musical, choreographic and theatrical strategies.


Using a variety of approaches, the development of an aesthetic language for touch remains one of the central themes of the series.


Instead of being watched, the pieces are performed directly on the visitor's body, making them direct, personal experiences rather than relying on spectacle, empathy or identification.


As a starting point, touch sensations were to be the end product of the work, and touch was to be first explored beyond familiar socio-cultural codes and expectations. Prioritizing the use of human touch (as opposed to the use of objects and technology) offered a subtlety, control and psychophysical effect unattainable otherwise.

Those performances are not meant to be watched, but to be experienced. For that reason their video documentations are of limited usefulness, and not publicly accessible. It is however possible to request access to them.