Visualisations of haptic performances


A short, purely haptic performance was performed on the body of the authors of the drawings shown in this video.

Those who experienced the performances were asked to keep the eyes closed the whole time.


They were afterwards asked to try to draw the sensations or visual impressions they experienced. This meant not drawing what they thought the performer actually did, but rather the sensations themselves (being touched without seeing can also generate visual sensations).
They were free to sign their drawings or leave them anonymous and were given full artistic freedom.


The drawing were then exhibited. The viewer of a drawing can try to imagine the touch performance and the sensations that were its origin. A second, virtual haptic performance then comes into existence.



(Ciudad de las Artes/Museo de las Mujeres, Cordoba, Argentina)

Made in the frame of "Piezas tocadas", thank you to the Chateau CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, the MUMU Espacio Cultural Museo de las Mujeres and the Canada Council for the Arts.