On Vienna, Love, Language © Kenji Ouellet


On Vienna, Love, Language and Forgetting


(2006, DV/DVD, Color, 44 min.)

Documentary/Fiction/Essay - Originally a DVD with a bilingual concept-

English with German or French subtitles.


With: Jaschka Lämmert, Tamas Eperjessy


The film connects three elements:

-Typical moments in the life of a couple (an Austrian man and a   Russian woman in Vienna).

-fragments of Sigmund Freuds writings (about memory and     forgetting)

-Vienna's relationship with its 2nd World War history, represented mainly through its architecture (1)


It makes, as Freud did, a parallel between collective and individual unconscious, and interrogates the fact that Freud, who was a Jew, spent most of his life in Vienna and developed his theories about memory and forgetting there before the war. For Freud, one always forgets for a reason.


The film that can be seen with or without subtitles. The subtitles are only occasionally an accurate translation of what is heard.
 The slipperiness of translation and of language generally are one of the work's central themes.


The subtitles propose 3 different types of relationships to the image and sound. They are either:

-an "exact" translation

-what the characters think, consciously or unconsciously, but  dont   communicate through language (one of the possible  subtexts)

-or another completely different (unrelated) meaning which could fit   the same images


(1) Freud compares the monuments of a city with the symptoms of (neurotic) patients in the first of the “5 Lectures about Psychoanalysis” , since they are both memory traces (of which the origin eventually cannot be remembered but which continues affecting us).


Subsidized by the Art Section of the Federal Chancellery of Austria



On Vienna, Love, Language and Forgetting © K. Ouellet


May 18 - September 30, 2018

York Art Gallery (UK)




July-December 2018


Cast and Cut residency


October 14, 2018 - February 3, 2019

Marl Media Art Awards Exhibition skulpturenmuseum-glaskasten-marl


October 20-27, 2018


International Architecture and

Urban Films Festival


November 27-30, 2018


Inshadow Festival


December 12-16, 2018


Alternative Film/Video


March 2-24, 2019


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