Touchscape © K. Ouellet




(2011, Quicktime/Blu-ray, Color, 12 Min.)


"On the horizon of a story is found what was in the beginning: this naive or native sense of touch, in which the subject does not yet exist. (...) Prior to and following any positioning of the subject, this touch binds and unbinds two others in a flesh that is still and always untouched by mastery."

(L. Irigaray, "Fecundity of the Caress").


The first of a video series dealing with touch, the body and communication beyond language, Touchscape explores sensual and affect-related aspects of touch. It invites the viewer to go beyond the voyeuristic impulse, dynamics of power and objectification.


Touchscape can be watched as a multi-screen film or a 4-channel video installation.
The 4 screens are not used simultaneously; rather, the image travels from one screen to the other. A maximum of 2 channels are used at the same time in order to make a detailed perception of the parallel images possible. The relationship between the screens suggest the structure of a 2-voice musical counterpoint.